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     “In this thorough, timely, shocking and important book, Jo Ann Cook explores the reasons why schools, government and non-profit groups so willingly adopted a treatment model promoted by drug companies to expand the number of children being diagnosed with psychiatric illnesses and increase the market for psychiatric drugs. Most importantly, she challenges the assumption that these drugs make the lives of children better. Making Healthy Children Sick is a wake-up call for all of us who deeply care about the well-being of our most vulnerable children and believe that schools should protect, not harm children in their care.”
Janet Currie, M.S.W.

MAKING HEALTHY CHILDREN SICK What the Mental Health Industry Is Not Telling You


Children, Mental Health Drugs and Consumerism

If you are an educator, parent, or health professional you have likely heard that children and adolescents are suffering in epidemic numbers from a growing list of mental health problems, ADHD, depression, autism, anxiety, psychosis and bipolar disorder, all of which are said to need medical treatment. Over the last two decades or more, the public has been bombarded with consumer ads glorifying the benefits of mental health treatments for children, more often than not, with behavior and mind-altering drugs. Consumers are told that the risks of failing to identify, diagnose and treat mental disorders in youth are dire: lower school achievement, substance abuse, school dropouts, low self-esteem, incarceration, more automobile accidents, unemployment, failed relationships, mental illness and early mortality.

The Ads Are Everywhere

Most of us are often unaware of the role that advertising can play in getting us to believe that we need services or products to make us well. Powerful drug company marketers have skillfully put together schemes to make us believe that their products are lifesaving and can make our children well-adjusted and happy. They have been immensely successful. Under the guise of health, drug companies and their alliances have convinced us that millions of children and teens are sick and require multiple, potentially dangerous medications to fix their life problems. We may scoff at the idea that our governments and health leaders are conspiring to make our children unwell. They claim that mental health medications are effective and safe for children but the evidence-based research shows otherwise.

Dangerous Treatments

Court documentary records, unbiased and hidden clinical studies have documented the length that drug companies and their opinion leaders will go to promote unsafe drugs for children. Moreover, the drug treatments in children and youth can cause serious adverse effects, including suicidal thoughts and acts, disturbed thinking, mania, aggression, hallucinations, agitation, drowsiness, weight gain and other metabolic disturbances, violence, disability and death. These horrific side effects are glossed over in the media who are often paid to present positive news stories of the benefits of drug treatment. Unsuccessful outcomes, such as the suicide of a child or teen, are re-framed to give consumers the impression that the cause of the tragedy was a “mental disturbance” and not the psychiatric drug.

You can help stop this latest assault on children and youth by learning the facts about this dangerous trend and how you can protect children, including those in your care.


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