About the Author

Jo Ann Cook graduated with a Master’s Degree in social work from Carleton University, Ottawa Ontario in 1982. She has extensive experience in child welfare, and special education at the elementary and high school level.

As a social work consultant in a large metropolitan school board, she was, at one time, the lead professional for any student crisis, attended weekly meetings with principals about students of concern, completed social histories for entrance to special education classes and followed the social and academic progress of thousands of students as they progressed from Kindergarten to grade 12.

Throughout this time, she was concerned about the steady rise in the use of psychiatric drugs in students with emotional and social problems. In 2009, she was shocked when her school board announced that twenty per cent of the board’s students had mental health problems and mandated “mental health” training for all teachers and administrative staff. The pronouncement was devoid of any scientific evidence.

Her book details the early beginnings of this new “mental health” paradigm, the role of drug company fraud, the corruption of industry partners, government complicity and more importantly the destructive effects it has had on the lives of children and adolescents. The personal stories of children, who have been harmed by “mental health” drug treatments, begs us to concede that these practices are forms of violence against children and need to be stopped.