Drug Firms Promote False “Cures” to Schools

Adults who attended school in the sixties and seventies may remember classes of forty or more students sitting quietly and upright in wrap-around school desks. Behaviors such as speaking out, not paying attention, talking back, hitting others, or throwing pencils were not tolerated. Children who violated the rules were often subjected to verbal assaults, hit […]

Collaborative Problem Solving Important Information for Parents

In the last two decades, traditional wisdom about what was best for children and what was considered normal and natural behavior, gradually disappeared and became unfashionable. While caregivers were once encouraged to look for the causes of children’s social and emotional problems, to be firm and enforce appropriate behaviors, today they are told that behaviors, […]

Big Pharma Is in Your Child’s Classroom – How Marketers Have Hooked Teachers into Peddling “Mental Health” Drugs

School teachers these days have more on their minds than teaching the 3 R’s. Over the last decade, the pharmaceutical industry and their alliances have gradually enlisted the services of schools to market the belief that problems, such as anxiety, inattention, disruptive behavior and depression, not class inequity, impairs the ability of students to do […]